MarkBrand Advantage

Oga Shoes shares the same Management with MarkBrand.


Here are some advantages of this arrangement for YOU;


  • Experience with Africa Market — we ship many packages every day to Africa, and because of our relationship with Cargo Companies our shipping rates are considerably lower, and delivery is faster for most countries — we will save you a lot of time and money.


  • Track Record of Excellent Customer Service — many of our hair customers say that apart from our good quality, the other reason they buy from us is because we are ALWAYS AVAILABLE when they need help. You will get the same customer service and support with Oga Shoes.


  • Reliability and Confidence — You can shop with extra confidence knowing that Oga Shoes is backed by an Experienced Company and Management. If you need anything, you can let us know through our MarkBrand Group, Oga Shoes Group or Contact Us and we will assist you.




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