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Genuine Leather Men’s Shoes at Pocket-Friendly Prices!

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As a Man, you are often busy with Family, Business, Career and/or Community Service; and sometimes you don’t have enough time to buy the things you want.


And when you create the time to go shopping, some of the places you visit are high priced (especially the shoes), and the options are considerably few.


Well, there is Good news! At least for shoes, you are now covered — we created Oga Shoes for YOU!


Now, you can order the latest designs Genuine Leather Men’s Shoes from the comfort of your home/office, and at pocket-friendly prices.



Oga Shoes Offers YOU;


  • Genuine Leather Shoes — classy and long lasting Genuine Leather shoes that you can use for many years! 


  • Original Designs — simple, mature and unique designs that let you to be classy but not loud. Your workers/colleagues will notice and compliment your advanced taste for shoes.


  • Pocket Friendly Prices — your bank account officer will not even ‘notice’ when you paid for your shoes —  factory price.


  • Low Cost Shipping — because of our relationship with Cargo Companies our shipping rates are considerably lower, and delivery is also fast — we will save you a lot of time and money.


  • Convenient Payment Methods — we have offline payment options for most countries in Africa. So, you will never miss out again on the shoe you want just because you couldn’t pay with credit/debit card or Paypal.


  • Current Trends — we update new designs every month based on the current trends, so you can keep your shoe game up to date. Soon, your friends will start to notice your collection of ‘current’ shoes.


  • TransparencyOga Shoes is sponsored by MarkBrand Trade Company Ltd, China (a Leading Human Hair Supplier in China). And we use the same business principles we used to Grow our Hair Business for Oga Shoes. One of these principles is TRANSPARENCY. For MarkBrand we have a Facebook Group for our customers. Also, now we launched Oga Shoes, we have created a Facebook Group for Oga Shoes. The Group adds an extra level of transparency and trust in our relationship with customers. Please see Group Links below;



Oga Shoes Group;


MarkBrand Group;



Note; Initially, we will also share updates about Oga Shoes on our MarkBrand Group. So, even though Oga Shoes Group is MORE RELEVANT, you can also join our MarkBrand Group.






Oga Shoes shares the same Management with MarkBrand.


Here are some advantages of this arrangement for YOU;


  • Experience with Africa Market — we ship many packages every day to Africa, and because of our relationship with Cargo Companies our shipping rates are considerably lower, and delivery is faster for most countries — we will save you a lot of time and money.


  • Track Record of Excellent Customer Service — many of our hair customers say that apart from our good quality, the other reason they buy from us is because we are ALWAYS AVAILABLE when they need help. You will get the same customer service and support with Oga Shoes.


  • Reliability and Confidence — You can shop with extra confidence knowing that Oga Shoes is backed by an Experienced Company and Management. If you need anything, you can let us know through our MarkBrand Group, Oga Shoes Group or Contact Us and we will assist you.








  • To order this one, please select your size near the top of this page and ADD TO YOUR CART


  • If you need more, click and go back to Shop Page and select them one after the other and ADD TO YOUR CART.


  • After selecting all the ones you want, click on the SHOPPING CART icon at the top of the website to VIEW YOUR CART.


  • If everything is as you want, then PROCEED TO CHECK OUT, fill in you address, select your Payment Method and PLACE YOUR ORDER.






  • We prepare and ship out new orders within 1 to 3 working days.


  • Delivery time to most countries; 1 to 2 weeks.


  • The Exact Delivery Time for your order will be specified at Check Out.


  • If you need to follow up on your order or payment at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us; Tel/Whatsapp; 86 19928415314 or  Email;



Note; For most African Countries we ship to the major cities like; Johannesburg, Windhoek, Lagos, Nairobi, Kampala, Lusaka, Gaborone, Maputo, Accra etc. When your package arrives, the Cargo Company will contact you to come and pick up. If you are in a different city, you can send someone to pick up for you or you arrange directly with the Cargo Company to forward to your city by waybill.






  • For most designs, we make only 25 pairs.


  • And when they are sold out we delete them online or update as OUT OF STOCK


  • However, we also have a physical store in Guangzhou China where we sell to walk-in customers.


  • So, sometimes you may order an item that had just sold out but haven’t been deleted online.


  • If this happens, we will inform you so you choose a replacement.


  • And if you don’t find a suitable replacement, we refund you.






  • All our shoes are Genuine Leather!


  • And we check each pair carefully before we ship.


  • We know you will LOVE THEM.


  • However, no company is perfect. If you ever receive a wrong or faulty pair, please you can return it.


  • We also refund you the cost of the return shipping.


  • Our aim is to have Very Happy and Satisfied Customers who will happily refer us to their friends.






  • Do you ship to my Country?
    Answer; Yes, we ship to all countries


  • How do I pay?
    Answer; You can pay online with Credit/Debit card or Paypal. You can also pay offline with Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram etc. In some African countries, we also have Local Money Transfer Agents we partner with;  you pay them the equivalent in your currency and they help you send the money to us in China.


  • Do you offer Payment on Delivery?
    Answer; No we don’t. Payment on Delivery is mainly used for local purchases within a country; especially in developing countries. It is seldom used for international purchases. For additional transparency we use a Facebook Group for our business.


  • How do I follow up on my Order?
    Answer; Any time you need our assistance or need to follow up with your order please feel free to contact us; Tel/Whatsapp; 86 19928415314 or  Email;


  • Are your Shoes Normal Fit?
    Answers; Yes, they are normal fit; you should take your normal size. If you are not sure of your size, we recommend you buy only one pair first to try out before buying more.


  • Do you do Wholesale or Custom Order?
    Answer; Yes, we have our own factory. If you will like to make Custom or Bulk Order (20 pairs and above) please let us know; Tel/Whatsapp; 86 19928415314 or  Email;


Have More Questions? Please => Get in Touch.






  • Apart from our creating an environment of Transparency and Trust we also use our Facebook Groups for Customer Service.


  • And when we have new designs, we update them on our Facebook Group.


  • So, we recommend you join;








  • Your shoes can make or mar your outfit.


  • As a Man, you are sometimes busy with other things — not enough time for shopping.


  • Now, at least you’ve got the shoes covered — the latest designs at your fingertips.



  • And our vast experience with the Africa Market, means you have much better and cheaper shipping and payment options — we will save you a lot of money.



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