If you will like to buy in bulk (20 pairs and above) you can do so using the following steps;


  • First, you can lets us know that you will like to order in bulk so we send you our wholesale prices. Tel/Whatsapp; +8619928415314


  • Then you go to our Shop Page and select the ones you want to order with the different quantities and sizes.


  • After selecting, Place your Order with OFFLINE PAYMENT METHOD – don’t pay online.


  • When we receive your order, we will recalculate the total for you with the wholesale prices then you can pay.



The advantage of this method is that we can get your order accurately and process faster. This is important because due to the amount of requests and orders we get both from physical walk-in customers and online shoppers it is easy to make mistakes with bulk orders if you don’t place the order online.


Placing your order online means we get the ACCURATE RECORD  and can make reference to it at any time.